2016-09-21 / Editorials

We Welcome The Fall

The heaviness of summer seems to have lifted. We reveled in it to the hilt, but fall is coming just in time. We are oh-so ready for the freshness of fall, when we seem to awaken from the hazy-hot-and-humid doldrums and a new energy sparks our daily activities.

And we know parents are jumping for joy at the start of the school year, though students and teachers maybe not so much. But students do get to try out their new supplies and clothes, see old friends and make new ones, and hopefully get to know a lot more about the world they are born so curious about.

We are delighting in the outdoors even more now, and look forward to upcoming street fairs and the last few outdoor concerts and movies. We hope to also take in more Mets games and perhaps some football too. There will be more exploration of our respective communities’ vast arrays of cafés, restaurants, dessert shops and boutiques, perhaps picking up a few new items to sport in celebration of the new season. For specific activities, consult our extensive weekly Community Calendar, and check out “It’s In Queens,” both online (www.QGazette.com), for an astounding and outstanding variety of activities throughout the borough to delight in.

In general, we look forward to basking in that Harvest Moon, the crunch and scent of colorful leaves, feasting our eyes upon the golden hues we will be encountering everywhere, including our own wardrobes. We even relish the brief respite from holidays these upcoming few weeks, with the freedom to choose our own activities, or lack thereof.

According to the calendar, and science, the start date for Autumn is tomorrow, September 22, at 10:21 am, to be exact. The autumnal equinox is that exquisitely balanced moment in which the light and dark of the day are each exactly the same length of time.

In a couple of swift weeks our area will be treated to nature’s stunning display – not only the vividly cheerful foliage, but the crystal clear, deep blue skies, now that the haze of summer humidity is lifting; and the sunsets will be lighting up a few wisps of clouds in crimson and golden hues. It is truly a beautiful, life-affirming time of the year, and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

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