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A Dreadful Historic Event

It was the Eleventh of September,
fifteen years ago, a day which we will always remember.
For America was attacked brutally by the evil of the terrorist hand, as
devastation, death destruction and fear
invaded our precious homeland.
Our Twin Towers,
full of vitality and strength and power, were attacked and crumbled to the
ground, rubble shattered lives and
destruction was to be found.
Thousands lie in the sand of time,
others just could not feel fine.
Gone was the sunshine of a glorious early September day, it became dark
suddenly in a most horrible way.
Cries and moans were heard everywhere,
everyone stood bewildered, engaged in silent prayer.
Oh God please help us recover from such blight, we all would say, Ah God
help us we would wail and pray.
Loved ones were lost forever as their lives were shattered, their remains
were broken and scattered.
Only the souls were to be found in God’s loving home, as He placed them
under angel’s wings, singing to them in a loving, Fatherly tone.
Heroes so brave and strong rushed into burning buildings to rescue so many
others, as loving and caring sisters and brothers.
We all cried and mourned in grief
together, the Freedom Tower and the
Memorial helps us to reflect, contemplate and feel emotionally renewed and a
bit better.
Oh God, may this never happen again to our beloved homeland, please teach all
to love and never raise a brutal, evil hand.
—Cynthia Groopman

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