2016-09-14 / Editorials

We Can Do Better Than Motel-Shelters

We need to stop this trend of building hotels only to convert them into homeless shelters that do not meet the needs of the people housed there–spaces with no kitchens, one-room living spaces and in some cases, they are in areas without schools, shopping, or transportation. Such a set-up can only maintain the most transient “lifestyle.” It is only a stop-gap measure

– in no way could it be called any kind of solution, not even a temporary one. We need to do a better job helping people get on their own feet and out of a vicious cycle of dysfunction. There must be greater emphasis on oversight, providing people with all the tools necessary to really change the trajectory of their lives, to become fully interacting members of society. There is nothing sadder to see than children with so much potential being herded into the continuation of chaotic patterns, yet that is what we see happening. It seems these motel-shelters are springing up out of nowhere, without any transparency or input from the community being taken into consideration. The community has spoken, and it is time for those responsible to listen.

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