2016-09-07 / Editorials

Vote! Vote! Vote!

We urge all of you, our esteemed readers, and everyone you know, to walk a couple of blocks and spend a couple of minutes, for the good of our community, to VOTE this Tuesday, September 13, in the Democratic Primary for State Senate, Assembly and District leaders. As in every election, we need your input to make the best decision. If you think your vote will not make any difference, imagine all the people who are thinking the same thing. That is a lot of people. So think the opposite, hopefully so will everyone else, and a huge difference will be made by you. We, and all your neighbors, thank you. If you have not already made up your mind, or if this is the first you are hearing about it, or if you just enjoy expanding your horizons with time-tested wisdom, we recommend you check the endorsements in this week’s edition of the Gazette.

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