2016-08-31 / Editorials

Earthquake Tragedy In Italy

We at the Queens Gazette are grieving over the horrible tragedy currently affecting the people in and around Amatrice, Italy. In addition to nearly 250 lives lost and innumerable hundreds critically injured, the magnitude 6.2 quake destroyed much of the town’s vital architectural history. The town center, with buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, was completely destroyed. In addition to Amatrice, several smaller towns and hamlets across the affected countryside were razed in a matter of hours.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and property in this dreadful tragedy, those struggling with the realities of displacement, and with the heroic first responders, workers, and ordinary people who are still combing the rubble to save who they can. To donate to the Italian Red Cross, who are spearheading the movement for earthquake victim relief, visit their website at www.cri.it as soon as possible.

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