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Trump: Fading, Still Hoping; Hillary: Sailing Along

With roughly two months left until Election Day, November 8th, Donald Trump is still trying to show signs of a fighting campaign while the polls say otherwise; while Hillary Clinton seems poised for a landslide victory, she worries that fundraising needs a boost.

Elsewhere, President Barack Obama made a delayed visit to storm-ravaged Baton Rouge, where flooding killed 30 people and destroyed countless homes.

But millionaire Trump has been working furiously on a last minute victory plan which includes defeating ISIS, attracting black voters to climb onto his bandwagon, and completing a victory in Democrat-heavy New York State, his hometown, on his way to snatching the presidency away from Hillary Clinton.

However, the email-harried Democratic Party nominee, while warding off the FBI, has been piling up victories in “must win” states throughout the U.S. in poll after poll.

Most disappointingly for Trump, a Siena College poll showed recently that Clinton presently holds a huge 30-point lead over Trump, 57 percent to 27 percent. Republican Party state Chairman Ed Cox leds the effort for Trump, who had hoped to salvage a victory in the Empire State balloting.

Meanwhile, Clinton held leads over Trump in must-win states elsewhere, with polls showing Trump trailing in Colorado (49 to 39 percent), Virginia (50 to 38 percent), and Iowa (47 to 44 percent).

Trump had boasted early in the campaign that he would secure an easy victory over Clinton in his home state, although both claim New York as home with Clinton having represented the state in the U.S. Senate several years ago and gaining many supporters here during her Senate tenure.

In another article dealing with polls in must win states, Clinton was reported as being tied with Trump in Georgia, overtaking him in South Carolina and “generally showing strength in traditionally Republican parts of the South.”

Still on the schedule as the campaign heads toward a conclusion are debates at: Hofstra University on September 26th; in St. Louis on October 9th; and in Las Vegas on October 19th. These will be vital confrontations, and both contenders must be alert and guard against any foul-ups because their opponent could make important gains.

Talking about slip ups, at some of Trump’s recent speaking engagements, it appears that he may be softening or changing his original positions on immigration. This question arose as Trump brought into his campaign different officials who may have advised a change. The question arose while his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, was being interviewed on CNN and the interviewer asked her whether Trump’s immigration position had been altered. Conway pursed her lips, hesitated and replied: “To be determined,” and ended the interview. We’ll be following up on this.

STAVISKY ON BALLOT, SURVIVES JUNG CHALLENGE: Declaring that SJ Jung had brought a “poorly prepared case,” where a majority of objections “were frivolous,” the New York State Supreme Court has rejected petition challenges brought by Jung against state Senator Toby Ann Stavisky.

The ruling by Supreme Court Justice Timothy J. Dufficy, a former prosecutor and 13-year veteran of the bench, upheld the determination of the bipartisan New York City Board of Elections rejecting Jung’s challenge, Stavisky (D–Flushing) reported.

In a separate release, Jung pointed out that the New York City Board of Elections (BOE) rejected 2,223 unlawful petition signatures Senator Stavisky submitted to get herself on the election ballot. The Queens Supreme Court rejected an additional 161 signatures, leaving her with only 1,177 signatures, slightly over the minimum of 1,000 signatures, Jung added.

“I am extremely grateful for the work Darryl Fox and our legal team did in preparing for this case,” Jung said. “Darryl Fox is one of the best election lawyers in New York and did an outstanding job fighting an entire law firm and a seriously flawed court system.”

“Senator Stavisky’s petitions have been gutted by the BOE and the court” said Kyle Sullivan, Jung’s campaign manager. “The court however refused to follow standard legal procedure, Sullivan added.

“Over the course of a weeklong trial, Jung’s desperate attempt to disenfranchise the voters was exposed for the sham it is,” said Stavisky Campaign Manager Veronica Ng. “It is particularly appalling that Jung’s lawyers tried to challenge legitimate signatures based upon gender and ethnicity. They challenged many signatures of Asian Americans who choose to use an American name, and sought to disqualify women who had used their married name. He should be ashamed of himself for such behavior.”

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