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State Shuts Euromarket For $220G In Unpaid Taxes

By Liz Goff
State tax officials last week slammed the door on the Astoria-based Euromarket, after the storeowners failed to agree on a plan to reimburse New York State more than $218,000 in unpaid sales taxes.

State agents seized assets at the store at 30-42 31st Street based on three open warrants totalling $218,014.08 in unpaid sales taxes, a spokesperson for the State Department of Taxation and Finance said.

“Seizing a business is always our last resort,” the spokesperson said. “We try to communicate with storeowners to work out a payment plan they can live with, before we shut them down. But in cases where the owner or owners are unresponsive to our outreach we are forced to take action to recover the outstanding taxes.”

The spokesperson said the agency would continue to reach out to the owners of Euromarket to try to develop a plan to pay the back taxes.

“We are able, in most cases, to develop a payment plan that allows the owners to pay back taxes and penalties and reopen,” the spokesperson said.

Business owners who fail to pay taxes can face criminal charges punishable by up to 15-years in prison, if convicted.

The owners of Euromarket have not been charged with any criminal offense related to their unpaid taxes, authorities said.

The owners of Euromarket did not immediately respond to calls for comment.

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