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Lawyer Donates, Fundraises To Find Vetrano Attacker

Brad Gerstman, founder of Gotham Government Relations, partner at Gerstman Schwartz & Maltio, and regular political TV commentator has pledged to donate $1,000 and raise more to help capture the murderer of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano.
On August 7th, Karina Vetrano’s body was found just off a path in Howard Beach by her father, Philip Vetrano. According to the New York Post, Karina “violently resisted a stranger who knocked out one of her teeth, and raped and strangled her before running away.”
Mr. Gerstman has donated $1,000 and pledged to raise even more to catch the culprit. He said, “The family deserves answers. The community must continue to pull together to entice people to come forward and provide information. As a former prosecutor, I know full well that someone knows what happened here, and we need that someone to come forward and do the right thing.”
Gerstman is a leading New York State attorney, lobbyist, communications specialist, and autism activist. He has a diverse background and extensive experience in law, business, government, and education. Over the years, Mr. Gerstman has made a name as a leading fighter against hate crimes on Long Island by establishing reward funds for information on anti-semitic crimes.

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