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Cathartic Magic Experience

By DVCK 0027

Corbu, Computer Magic and Mikaela Davis performing a “cathartic magic show experience” at Mercury Lounge.Corbu, Computer Magic and Mikaela Davis performing a “cathartic magic show experience” at Mercury Lounge.With an exceptional showing at the Mercury Lounge on August 6, Corbu lit up the venue along with Computer Magic. There was, additionally, a lovely special appearance by Mikaela Davis on the harp and vocals.  Pictures accompanying this blurb hardly capture the experience of what it was like to actually be present and witness this journey into the realm of things which would make a cat cry if it was watching. I say that in the most endearing of ways, in that these performances by the juggernaut stage presences, had the musical chops and emotional connectivity capability as that of a force so great and spiritually in tune, that this music source had the ability to connect to and enchant the wavelengths of an enlightened guru of a monastery, and also to tame a tiger into a loyal  companion with their melodic and and sensuous sounds. Especially Corbu, who in translation causes humans to melt like pudding under the summer sun in Phoenix upon experiencing their music.  It was an exceptional team that night, and with Corbu headlining, the acts together made for one giant streamlined fiesta of nonstop sensory explosions for the audience members throughout the whole evening.

Corbu’s lead singer reported that he connected directly with the audience through almost an ESP-type of connection directly from his instruments to their minds. This was the most paramount of all services that Corbu had to offer its comrades/unrelentingly appreciative attending fan base. His favorite song of theirs to unleash in the form of a musical tornado is “Prism.”

Computer Magic’s lead singer expressed that she is excited to expand her magic across the globe, as her group is next pointed towards Mexico City.

Both artists are expanding their international tour itineraries and would love to hear from you as far as your extensive interest in encountering nothing other than a "cathartic magic" show as Corbu and Computer prefer to describe themselves and also be known as.
For more information, visit CorbuCorbu.com, TheComputerMagic.com, and MikaelaDavis.com.

Special thanks to Go Lightly Media of Golightlymedia.com.

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