2016-08-17 / Editorials

Summer Is Winding Down

Summer is winding down – if not the thermometer. If the heat has been getting to you, hang in there, the end is near. It might help your ability to enjoy the lingering high temperatures if you recall enduring winter’s shivery, windy, gray days spent climbing piles of snowdrifts and scurrying for shelter. That said, we never like to lose an opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun, fresh air and a chance to be outdoors. Take advantage of these last couple of weeks of summer to swim at our city’s fine pools and beaches, picnic and stroll about the parks, consume plenty of ice cream, have some good old-fashioned fun at summer blockbuster movies, people-watch from your prime spot at our many outdoor cafes, and soak up the extra daylight hours and all that free vitamin D.

There are still outdoor (and indoor) concerts, films, festivals, block parties, fireworks, the Mets, Olympics, US Open, cultural events, yoga and tai chi, boating, whale and dolphin watching in the Rockaways to enjoy. And don’t forget all the lovely, fresh summer produce. Take advantage of light summer reading material and all the other programs offered year-round at Queens Library and other organizations. It is always a good time to give back – there are school supply and blood donation drives happening. See our online Community Calendar for particulars of all activities.

Get the kids excited about starting school – of course there is shopping for supplies and clothes, but if it is a new school, swing by, check it out, and find out who else will be attending. Take advantage of the remaining vacation to plan get-togethers with school chums they may not have seen these past couple of months. Encourage them to pick up a book and get their brain back in gear, if they have not already done so.

Don’t let summer pass you by. Before you know it, we will be discussing the World Series and the splendid fall foliage.

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