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The Spirit Of ‘86 Celebrated At Citi Field

YPhoto Jason D. Antos
Photo Jason D. Antos ou know them by their nicknames: Mookie, Doc, HoJo, Nails and Kid. Their miraculous season of 1986 held the city spellbound and their come-from-behind World Series victory, considered one of the greatest in baseball history, yielded the largest ticker-tape parade the Big Apple had ever seen. The legend of the 1986 New York Mets was honored at Citi Field with an on-field celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the 1986 World Champions. Every living member of that team, including William Hayward “Mookie” Wilson, Dwight “Doc” Gooden, Daryl Strawberry, Howard “HoJo” Johnson, Keith Hernandez, Tim Teufel, Lee Mazzilli, Buddy Harrelson, manager Davey Johnson, Kevin Mitchell, Ron Darling, Bob Ojeda, Lenny “Nails” Dykstra and MVP Ray Knight. Introduced by team announcer Howie Rose, the ‘86 Mets took up position along the baselines stretching from first to third base and acknowledged the capacity crowd. The centerpiece of the occasion was the Commissioner’s Trophy placed in center field. The ceremony ended with two surprises. Actress Glenn Close sang the National Anthem (very successfully) as she did before Game 1 of the World Series on October 18, 1986, and pitcher Jesse Orosco threw out the first pitch to D.J. Carter, the son of Hall of Fame pitcher Gary “The Kid” Carter. Carter passed away in 2012. As he had done the split second after striking out Boston Red Sox second baseman Marty Barrett for the final out of the series, Orosco tossed his glove shy-high as Carter’s son leapt up, ran to the pitcher’s mound and embraced him, the same way his father did three decades ago while Shea Stadium rocked in jubilation one amazing October night.
­                                                                                                                           —Jason D. Antos

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