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Parents Eyed In Sunnyside Infant Death

By Liz Goff
Detectives at the Queens Homicide Squad are probing the death of a 5-month-old Sunnyside girl to determine if the child’s parents were involved in the baby’s horrific death, authorities said.

Cops said Alaia Baque was declared dead an Elmhurst Hospital Center on July 30, and an autopsy performed by the city medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.

The baby suffered numerous injuries including abusive head trauma, bruising to the back of her head and at least eight skull fractures – injuries that are consistent with her being stomped or struck with a blunt object. Test results also showed hemorrhaging in one of the baby’s eyes, suggesting she had been shaken several days earlier, a police source said.

When the baby’s parents were detained for questioning by police, her father, Jorge Baque, immediately asked for a lawyer and her mother, Yesrrmia Sasso, denied ever hitting the tiny girl, the source said.

Sasso told detectives Alaia “felt hot” and she was vomiting on July 27. Both parents said they believed Alaia had the “evil eye” because she was always in distree and crying, the source sad. “They told the detectives they tested the baby, rolled an egg in its shell or her skin, opened it and believed the yolk was ‘bad,’ “ the source said. “That’s when they decided the baby needed special help.”

Sasso told detectives she and Alaia’s grandmother brought the baby to a “priestess” in Elmhurst, who swaddled and massaged the infant and rolled her on the ground to remove the evil eye, the source said. “It’s clear that something horrible happened to this tiny girl, and investigators are determined to learn the truth.”

Alaia’s older brother was taken into custody by the city Administration for Children’s Services, authorities said.

Sources said detectives are “not buying” the parents’ story. “They’re very much suspects in the baby’s death and the investigation s ongoing,” the source said.

The parents have not yet been charged in the baby’s murder, a spokesperson for the Queens District Attorney’s office said.

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