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Four Firefighters Injured Battling Sunnyside Warehouse Blaze

By Liz Goff
Two firefighters remain hospitalized, recovering from serious injuries they suffered while battling a massive blaze at a Sunnyside warehouse on August 3, FDNY officials said. Two other firefighters were treated at the scene for minor injuries they suffered at the warehouse, officials said.

Flames shot from the first floor of a woodworking factory at 43-34 37th Street at about 7:p.m. on August 3, forcing local residents to head home and lock up their windows to avoid heavy, black smoke that filled the neighborhood, authorities said.

Wood, paint and other materials stores at the warehouse made the blaze difficult to extinguish, a fire spokesperson said.

More than 250 firefighters battled the 4-alarm blaze for more than four hours before it was brought under control.

Two firefighters were taken to lo a local hospital with serious injuries they suffered while battling heavy smoke, flames and heat conditions at the warehouse, the fire spokesperson said.

Police and fire officials issued a warning to local residents to stay inside their homes and apartments while firefighters extinguished the blaze. “Avoiding smoke exposure by closing windows while indoors and reducing outdoor activity where possible when smoke is present is the best way to prevent smoke-related illnesses,” a spokesperson for the city Office of Emergency Management said. “The best way to avoid problems is to stay indoors until the smoke clears.”

City fire marshals started combing through charred debris at the warehouse just after midnight on Wednesday, to determine the cause of the blaze and if anyone was inside the factory when the fire started, a fire spokesperson said.

An investigation is ongoing, fire officials said.


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