2016-08-10 / Editorials

Thank You Commissioner Bratton

On the occasion of the announced resignation of NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, we want to thank him for his time and his service.

We do not feel enough people understand the role and importance the NYPD has had in the turnaround experienced by the City of New York. The sharp decline in crime began under Mayor Giuliani, with Bratton as Commissioner. The policy of “broken windows” policing, in which small offenses would not be overlooked managed to net more serious criminals, but has been criticized as being too harsh on minority communities. This time around, Bratton dramatically reduced “stop and frisk” procedures, while simultaneously reducing crime rates to historic lows. It has been a difficult balance thus far, between police vigilance and good community relations in high-crime neighborhoods, but we feel the police have been on the right track. However, we imagine there is still some lingering friction, and Bratton has chosen to move on to the private sector, retiring one year sooner than originally planned.

NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill has been chosen by Mayor de Blasio as his replacement. We feel that selecting a veteran of the police force (since 1983) will help it to be a smooth transition. De Blasio has praised O’Neill for his community involvement and assured us the streets will remain safe.

The police are not perfect, no one is – not newspapers, elected officials, the community, no one. We support the police force and wish the new commissioner good luck and hope he gets the support he needs to keep the city moving the right direction.

Olympics 2016

In other news...we want to congratulate Brazil for their fine job hosting the Olympics, with much grace under pressure; and of course, we want to say, “Go USA!!!”

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