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Letters to the Editor

Out For Himself Only

To The Editor:

Sacrifice means many things that are dependent upon reflective morals, ethics, religion and personal desires. Most people consider sacrifice to mean a personal cost to aid or benefit others.

When asked what sacrifices he has made, Donald Trump responded by claiming to have created thousands of jobs and building skyscrapers. Yet the one and only purpose of those acts was for personal self-aggrandizement. Trump’s understanding of sacrifice once again defines him as shallow.

Capitalism is earning from the labors of others. That is the basis of the American economy. American capitalism has provided the benefits that are the envy of the world. It permits individual entrepreneurs to rise from humble beginnings to the billionaire class. In modern times the government has enacted laws to protect against abuses.

“Robber barons” were those who exploited lax government oversight to enrich themselves at the expense of society. Henry Ford fought unionization with lock-outs and hooligans who beat workers with clubs. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 killed 145 workers who were locked into the factory by their employer.

Americans have always believed themselves on the verge of individual wealth. Perhaps Trump’s allure is the hope to one day be as financially successful as he says he is.

Americans internally are dedicated to fair play. Trump’s beliefs define fair play as that which suits him. He is, therefore, permitted to defame others while reacting with unrestrained contempt toward those who oppose or criticize him. Trump’s core beliefs are never to turn the other cheek, but to strike back without restraint; to destroy anyone who has the audacity to tell him “No!”

Ed Horn
Baldwin, LI

FAA’s Chopper Ruling

A copy of this letter was received at the Queens
July 29, 2016
Mr. Carmine Gallo
Regional Administrator – Eastern Region
Federal Aviation Administration
Regions and Center Operations
I Aviation Plaza
Jamaica, NY 11434-4809

Dear Administrator Gallo:

We are reaching out to you concerning the July 25, 2016 notification in the Federal Register that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is issuing a “final rule” extending the “North Shore Helicopter Route” for another 4 years without the normal 30-day notice that would give the community the opportunity to comment on this decision.

As you know, the tremendous increase in helicopter traffic and related noise impacts has been a significant issue in our respective districts for the past several years.

In 2015, our offices participated in two lengthy conference calls that were organized on behalf of the local civic organization, We Love Whitestone, where efforts to mitigate these noise impacts were discussed. It is our understanding that the FAA indicated a willingness to continue to consider ways to mitigate the excessive noise, including possible changes to the routes utilized by helicopters transiting between New York City and points east on Long Island in order to “share the burden” amongst all those communities affected by the increased noise.

Given the FAA’s previous efforts to work with the community, we find it quite disturbing that the FAA would take this accelerated action to extend the “North Shore” route without any further discussion or request for input from the impacted communities.

We are respectfully requesting an immediate meeting with you to discuss this “final action.”

Tony Avella, State Senator,
11th Senate District;
Michael Simanowitz, Assemblyman,
27th Assembly District;
cc: US Senator Charles E. Schumer

Welcome, Chief O’Neill

To The Editor:

Commissioner Bill Bratton has just resigned for a more lucrative position in the private sector. We wish him success on his latest endeavor and thank him for his service to our great city. We now will have a new sheriff in town as of September, James O’Neill, who is reportedly being called “A cop’s cop.” That is because he has come up from the ranks and served for 33 years. He truly understands what policing is all about, is familiar with New York City, and with its people and problems. As reported, Chief O’Neill was one of the architects of the NYPD’s community policing initiative which puts more police officers on the street and allows the people in their area to get to know them. As such, I applaud the selection of James O’Neill as the new Police Commissioner for the NYPD and pray for his success in fighting and controlling crime. Good luck Commissioner James O’Neill!

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

Won’t Bring Him Back

To The Editor:

Although the $2.7 million settlement in the Avonte Oquendo negligence case became a reality, it will never bring back a child, a loved one. The grief and painful suffering of his family and friends will not be eased by the money. Money cannot buy happiness. However, it showed that justice was done. The NYPD, as well as the DOE were indeed negligent. What happened to the security, caring, and staff to allow a child with autism to run away? Alarms must be put in all schools.

The Trump campaign is a circus indeed, and ridiculous. He is making a fool of himself.

The National Night Out is a deterrent against crime, but must not only be once a year, but every day. People should take the streets back from the criminals, showing them that they are not afraid. When people are around criminals are fearful.

There must be more security cameras on street corners. It was awful and sad to hear of a 30-yearold young lady being killed as she was jogging in Howard Beach. Our society is losing its moral fiber and respect for human life is indeed going down the drain. “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is one of the Ten Commandments and all must follow it.

I am impressed with the NYPD Commissioner-to be. To select the Chief of the Department is a great idea, since he is not a political appointee.

I am glad also that the marks on standardized tests are higher in our schools.

Education is so important and it is a key to the future of our nation and to our world.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

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