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Vallone Works To Improve Pedestrian Safety In NE

Bowne Park and 32nd Avenue. Bowne Park and 32nd Avenue. Council Member Paul Vallone is working to make pedestrians safer in Northeast Queens, most recently at 32nd Avenue, which Vallone said “has long been a dangerous stretch of road, particularly near Bowne Park.” He said a lack of traffic calming devices, stop signs and traffic signals has threatened the safety of parents and children crossing the avenue to enter Bowne Park.

At Vallone’s request, with support from Community Board 7, the Broadway-Flushing Homeowners Association and the Bowne Park Civic Assocation, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has installed 3 speed bumps along 32nd Avenue, between 155th and 159th Streets.

“The safety of our children and their families is always a priority,” said Vallone. “For too long the residents of Northeast Queens dealt with a dangerous situation at Bowne Park, lacking even a single crosswalk to safely cross 32nd Avenue into the park. These speed bumps will go a long way towards improving their safety, and I look forward to continuing to work with the DOT and our civic organizations to determine what additional measures can be implemented.”

“No Thru Truck Traffic” signage. “No Thru Truck Traffic” signage. “We have continuously received complaints from our neighbors and friends of Bowne Park regarding the speeding cars along that perimeter leg of the park and the inability of parents with baby carriages and children on bikes to safely cross over 32nd Avenue due to rapidly moving traffic,” said Barbara Embriano, President of the Bowne Park Civic Association. “These speed bumps will serve the greater good of the population of neighbors and friends who come to the park to enjoy the green space in the middle of our beautiful neighborhood.”

In addition to these safety enhancements, Council Member Vallone’s bill to curb illegal truck traffic has already begun to be implemented with the DOT placing “No Thru Truck Traffic” signs along 32nd Avenue at Linden Place and Francis Lewis Boulevard. The illegal truck traffic barreling down 32nd Avenue will soon be a thing of the past with these signs empowering the NYPD to ticket truck drivers who violate the law.

“I am proud to have passed this bill that is a huge win for the safety and quality of life for thousands of our city’s pedestrians,” said Vallone. “Combined with the additional measures taken by the DOT, this legislation will go a long way towards reducing the amount of illegal truck traffic on residential streets.”

The following signs have also been installed in many intersections throughout Northeast Queens:

1. Linden Place at 31st Road
2. Linden Place at 32nd Avenue
3. Linden Place at 35th Avenue
4. Northern Boulevard at Union Street
5. Northern Boulevard at Parsons Boulevard
6. Francis Lewis Boulevard at 29th Avenue
7. Francis Lewis Boulevard at 35th Avenue

Council Member Vallone will continue working with the DOT to determine locations for additional signs to further reduce the illegal truck traffic that has threatened the quality of life and safety of our residents.

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