2016-08-03 / Editorials

National Night Out

It is gratifying to see that the National Night Out Against Crime is going strong throughout the country, as Americans take back the night. It was a smashing success this year, as it is every year. This is something we need, now more than ever. An atmosphere of trust is an essential ingredient in maintaining the peace.

Did you ever act rude to a stranger on the street who may have unwittingly bumped into you, or cut a line – only to realize it is someone you know? How embarrassing, and how starkly this situation points out how much less likely we are to misbehave with those who know who we are. We all know how small squabbles can escalate into regrettable incidents we would take back in an instant if we could. When surrounded by strangers, acting anonymously, how much easier it is to misbehave as if there are no consequences. Consciously, we are aware there are consequences, yet empathy can only be engendered in an actual community where members know one another.

How many horrible crimes have been committed by those who have been ostracized, striking out against others? People they are acquainted with are as strange to them as those they never met, when simply being connected to a few people would have made them feel connected to the entire human race.

That safe, small-town feeling where people greet you everywhere you go would help the situation, and is achievable with get-togethers such as this.

When we connect, and see the person inside the uniform, and vice versa; these people become friends we are watching over and respecting.

New York is still one of the safest American cities, and we want to keep it that way. The City Council greatly added to the police force which can only help, but it is up to everyone to preserve our quality of life, and a strong relationship between our peace officers and their communities is an important link that is forged on each annual Night Out Against Crime.

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