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Conserve Water

To The Editor:
I am so appalled to learn that a man was shot and killed on Steinway Street, at a cell phone store, for no reason at all. Also, I was so saddened to learn that a 13-year-old girl has been missing since last Friday.
I applaud our Council Member Constantinides for handing out rain barrels for conservation purposes. We must learn to conserve water, since we are in a drought which may become serious if we do not get sufficient rain.
More literature should be handed out and more TV and radio time should be spent talking about the seriousness of this situation. In 1965 my father was working as chief engineer of Water Resources, now DEP, and there was a drought. He was instrumental in having posters made up, literature distributed, and other measures that were important.
Also I am so glad for, and applaud Sunnyside and Woodside area for having a charity run on September 10 to raise money for charities. That shows the goodness and generosity in people.
I am glad that the bus routes will be changed and more bus lanes will be provided for them. Buses are always late, making workers late for work, students late for school, and passengers late for doctors’ appointments. The Q30 bus is an example of lateness. The passengers wait a long time for the Q30 and then when it reaches the last stop, Little Neck, two other buses come very shortly afterwards. Even the Republican National Convention turned out to be a travesty after Ted Cruz was heckled. It is turning out to be a circus, sad to say. This year’s campaigns, conventions and debates are a blight on the democratic process of government. This is sad to say. I admire the police who drove away with that so-called ticking time bomb which thank God, turned out to be a fake. We must have faith in our police. Of course there are bad and good in every profession, as you know.
Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

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