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Con Ed’s Lame Excuses

To The Editor:
Already there have been reports of scattered power outages in various parts of the city. Con Ed is asking customers to restrict the use of all nonessential appliances during the day, and that also includes air conditioners, unless there are medical issues. This is becoming ridiculous! In the last 20 years, the utility has spent millions of dollars to improve and upgrade its system of electrical cables that supply the power to the city and its boroughs, so that potential brownouts and blackouts will not happen during periods of extreme heat and humidity. In Phoenix, Arizona, that city experiences 100 degrees-plus temperatures for over 120 days a year, and never has there been a power outage there due to the extreme heat. Why is Con Edison continuing to always experience power problems during the summer months here? Also, many overhead electrical lines that are in need of replacement should be taken care of immediately. This utility makes a bundle of money from their high electrical bills that city residents pay. People should expect the best service from Con Edison, without any lame excuses!
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

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