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Undignified Behavior

To The Editor:
It is awful that Trump’s wife plagiarized in her speech. It is awful how Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, made a mockery of Hillary Clinton at the Republican National Convention. This is unprofessional behavior. I hope that the debates will be about the issues.
The debates should not be slanderous, nor mudslinging with nasty remarks thrown like baseballs. This will be a travestry of our democratic system. The issues must be discussed.
I am appalled that an off-duty policeman was allegedly driving drunk and was involved in a fatal hit and run. He should have been beyond reproach, and should know better. I am glad that he was fired from the police force.
Also, what is wrong with the crane companies and those who operate them? Another one has collapsed on the Tappan Zee Bridge and it caused structural damage to the bridge, injured people and snarled traffic. These cranes should be tested thoroughly prior to having them operated, and crane operators should be trained or retrained.
I heard that in Texas blind people are allowed to buy and use weapons. This is ridiculous.
A correction should be made in the edition of July 20 edition of the Dr. Joannow’s name was misspelled. Please correct the name in the next issue.
Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck
Editor’s Note: Our apologies for misspelling Dr. Joannow’s name. We thought Ms. Groopman was referring to another Mount Sinai Queens doctor we know of.

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