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Letters to the Editor

Trump For Dictator

To The Editor:

It is not hard to be a fortune teller during this election process. If Trump loses in November one can already hear his rantings that the “system is rigged,” that he won the election and his supporters were robbed!

Trump supporters are a collection of citizens who are fearful, and long for the yesterdays that never existed except on TV’s “Father Knows Best.” If Trump loses, they will raise the voice of outrage. It is conceivable that civil unrest and threats of heinous acts will follow Trump’s declarations of foul play.

None of this would be surprising, considering the dark image of America Trump decried throughout the Primaries and during the Convention. Once hatred and fear are the hallmarks fomented by Trump, the “savior,” the dogs of internal conflict are released.

Trump’s acceptance speech in response to receiving the Republican nomination was all about the “crisis” Americans are facing, the threats posed by “them” who supposedly will – without Trump – threaten families on the streets of our cities and in our homes. The one evil more frightening is Hillary.

At no time did Trump acknowledge the constitutional system that is the backbone of our democracy. At no time did he offer specifics of any plan, but simply demanded that America trust him. He must truly believe the President has the powers of a dictator.

It is remarkable and shameful of the elder statesmen of the Republican Party that so few have had the courage of their alleged principles. Some stayed away from Cleveland, but that in and of itself is no badge of courage! Ed Horn

42 Years Of Injustice

To The Editor:

On July 20, we of Cyprus commemorated 42 years of injustice, violation of the rule of law, UN resolutions and violation of human rights!

Forty two years ago the nation of Turkey, utilizing American-made arms, invaded the independent Republic of Cyprus and forcibly removed 200,000 Greek-Cypriots from their ancestral homes, killing thousands of innocent people.

During these past 42 years, the 43,000 Turkish occupation troops destroyed 500 historic Christian churches, imported 300,000 colonists from Turkey and changed historic names of villages, towns and cities. We still have 1,500 missing persons. Turkey is refusing to cooperate and refuses to recognize the Republic of Cyprus, a member of the European Union!

On the anniversary we prayed for the thousands who lost their lives and for the families of the missing. Hellenes and freedom loving people all over the world will never forget this great injustice and will never stop fighting for Cyprus.

I urge you to continue this struggle until we see a free Cyprus. Philip Christopher

Fairy Tale Funding

To The Editor:

The appointment of former US Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary John D. Porcari as interim Director of the Gateway Development Corporation without billions in accompanying significant financial resources is little more than a press release. Previously in his career, Porcari served as Chairman of the Moynihan Station Development Corporation. Since the 1990s, there has been little real physical progress in construction of the promised new NYC Amtrak Station located in the old Farley Building Post Office at 33rd Street and 8th Avenue. Why should anyone not believe that the Gateway Tunnel will suffer the same fate?

The proposed $24 billion Gateway Tunnel project may end up dead, just like its predecessor, New Jersey Transit’s Access to the Regions Core, one year since the Gateway Tunnel project was first announced. Here’s why: US Secretary of Transportation Fox, Senators Booker and Schumer ($12 billion), Governors Cuomo ($6 billion) and Christie of New Jersey ($6 billion) still have failed to identify and secure the specific source for their financial contributions to the project.

There are no significant dollars programmed in the new Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST) for the Gateway. It is wishful thinking that the US DOT Federal Transit Administration New Starts program together with Amtrak can come up with $12 billion for Washington’s share of this project. This legislation now affords rail, along with mass transit eligibility, for Federal Transit Administration New Starts funding. The largest FTA New Starts Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) was $2.6 billion for the MTA’s LIRR Eastside Access to Grand Central Terminal. Federal Railroad Administration Financing Loans generally never exceed $1 billion.

There are dozens of other potential USDOT FTA New Starts projects being championed by many of the other 98 Senators and 435 Congress members. The requests far exceed any available current or future New Starts funding.

Amtrak still needs billions to fully implement real High Speed Rail on the Northeast Corridor between Washington, New York City and Boston. This doesn’t include a routine State of Good Repair, Safety, fleet equipment replacement and upgrades to the East River Tunnels.

The New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund is still insolvent. Moody’s Investor Services previously questioned the ability of New Jersey to come up with its $6 billion share of the project cost. Others question how New York can find $6 billion for its share as well.

Larry Penner
Great Neck

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