2016-07-20 / Editorials

Off The Top Of Our Heads

We always try our best to be professional and respectful, and when we attempt humor, we try not to go over the edge – unlike some of the dailies. We like our punny ways, such as our recent headlines, “Cutting Edge” for Mount Sinai Queens’ Ribbon-Cutting of their new Emergency Department employing all the latest technology; and in reference to Regal UA Cinema remaining open, “Keep Reeling ‘Em In,” making a clever (if we do say so ourselves) connection between film reels and fishing; and many more through the years.

We have had some hits. And some misses. Sometimes puns happen by accident, or perhaps subconsciously. Years ago even we (imagine!) inadvertently wrote a headline about then-Mayor Ed Koch, mangling his name. We leave the details up to your imagination on the typo we made on that one. These things just come with the territory of writing headers for over 34 years.

A few famous examples come to mind: “Man Bites Dog,” the oft-repeated headline was not originally an actual headline, just a clever aphorism demonstrating how the unusual is what is newsworthy. It is attributed to either of two early 20th century newsmen. Another famous example was the New York Daily News’ front-page, “Ford To City: Drop Dead” – ouch! It was not a direct quote from Gerald Ford, but it summed up his flat refusal to rescue the city, and it sure got noticed. Many believe it cost Ford the presidency the following year, in spite of the fact that he did indeed end up bailing the city out with loans – repaid with interest. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword in swaying public sentiment and perception of reality, and it must be handled with care.

We try to do our job in our own punny way, as we convey the seriousness of a local paper staying local, adding to the dialogue that contributes to the overall landscape of our lives.

Share with us your memories of favorite headlines you have seen through the years that brought a moment of levity in the midst of the heaviness that can be everyday life. If you have some you would like to share, either ours or others’, we would be honored to share it. Drop us a line.

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