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The Purge: Election Year

By Anmol Kumar

The Purge: Election Year takes place during a future presidential election.

In the film, candidate Charlie Roan (played by Christy Coco) is running for president and is promising all of America that she will end the annual holiday known as The Purge, which allows all crime to be legal for twelve hours including acts of revenge and score settling.

The New Founding Fathers (NFFA), who have worked so hard to create the annual purge and have accomplished a lot of evil during their time of rule, all have agreed to do whatever it takes to win this election and keep the annual purge going. On the night of the annual purge, Charlie Roan decides to spend it in her home guarded by her head security guard, Leo Barnes, and a team of armed soldiers. Charlie and Leo were both betrayed by the NFFA who plans to assassinate the presidential candidate. Now Charlie and Leo must try to survive The Purge in the dangerous streets of Washington D.C, so she can win the presidential election and put an end to the horrific annual night of evil.

The Purge: Election Year written and directed by James DeMonaco is a really good squeal (the third installment) for big fans of the series. DeMonaco knows exactly what type of thrill fans are looking for and he fully delivers. Although the general storyline is good, the dialogue at many times isn’t the best. Many lines in the movie felt like they were being forced and an excessive amount of vulgar language was used just to try and please the audience. The development of the characters was really good. All of them blended in really well and were able to act well with each other.

The Purge Election Year will definitely be the thriller everyone expects it to be.



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