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Cooling Centers Open Throughout Heat Waves

By Liz Goff
Meteorologists are warning the public that it will feel like hell on earth this week, as the mercury soars over 90 degrees for at least two days in Queens.

Temperatures will reach a body-roasting 90 degrees on at least two days this week as soaring temperatures remind us that it really is summer in the city.

The heat is certain to force many Queens residents to stay indoors, while those with air conditioners can blast cool air, and others head to a pool, the beach or to a show while they wait for the temperatures to cool down, city officials said.

City officials said New Yorkers are expected to consume an additional 1.5 billion gallons of water on the first day of the heat wave. Whether you choose tap or bottled water, make sure to keep plenty on hand – and carry some chilled water with you if you venture outdoors, city health officials said.

If you are planning to stay outdoors for some time, shopping, swimming, walking or taking the kids to the playground, freeze bottled water, place the bottle in a plastic bag and stash it in your bag when heading outside, officials said. Most of the ice will be melted by the time you’re ready to take a drink, officials said. Any the remaining ice will keep the water nicely chilled until you are ready for another drink. It’s the “cool” way to drink bottled water while you’re on the go in a heat wave, officials said.

City health officials are pleading with residents to conserve electricity over the summer months. “We need people to turn their air conditioners to no cooler than 79 degrees, if possible,” health officials said.

Swimmers can take refuge in the pool at Astoria Park, where Parks workers pour pounds of ice chips into the water. Braver souls grab the ice chips and pour them over their heads to cool down as they take turns in the city’s largest municipal swimming pool, a parks worker said.

Seniors and families without air conditioning can head to cooling centers established by the city to take advantage of cool temperatures and a variety of activities available at the centers.

For locations of city cooling centers, pools, playgrounds and parks in Queens, call 311 or go to www.nyc.gov.



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