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Hunters Point Parks Conservancy: For the 2nd year QWFF is partnering with HPPC group to augment their already wildly popular Cinema LIC series located at Hunters Point South. QWFF will kick off each evening with a short film before the feature film. All screenings and selections are subject to change!
7/14/2016: “Spiderman & the Perfect Houseguest” by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata from Netherlands and USA. A house is visited by a clean and respectful little mouse.
8/11/2016: “August Rush & BeYoutiful” by Emilie Liu from USA. An animated short that challenges the rules of acceptance through cuteness and color.
8/25/2016: “Zootopia & DRAMOTICON” by Jens Vandendriessche from Belgium. Animated and dancing emojis!!!!
9/15/2016: “Ghost & Zugzwang” by Yolanda Centeno (USA/SPAIN). A young man's love life and chess are not so different – it's how you play the game that counts.
Queensboro Hill Neighborhood Association Ltd. at Kissena Park: Main Street & Elder Avenue. QWFF’s new partners are hosting seven screenings at the Kissena Corridor Park and QWFF have curated a program that provides an evening of Spanish language films, an evening featuring all Asian filmmakers, two wonderful docs that look at our beloved Jamaica Bay and the history of the New York Pavilion. Come take a cinematic trip around the world starting with work from Queens!
All screenings and selections are subject to change.
7/14/2016: “The Colors of Love” (80 minutes). Fall in love with nine short films by rising stars from the Asian film community in Queens and beyond:
“Duality” by Benjamin Tran from Queens (Silent film with Music) – a chance encounter in a Queens park; “C.T.R.L.” by Mirana Conde from the UK (Silent films with Music) – Love is not a video game…or is it? “Love Express” by Patrick Chen from Queens (Chinese with English Subtitles) – Love on the 7 train!  “Underneath the Grey” by Patrick Chen from Queens (Chinese with English Subtitles); “Into the Woods” by Anne Hu from Brooklyn (English) – Love can be a more dangerous than we think; “Tu and Eu” by Eddie Sheh from Brooklyn (Multiple languages with English Subtitles) – In every language, we are all trying to understand each other! “The Potential Wives of Norman Mao” (English); “The Last Tip” by Patrick Chen from Queens (Chinese with English Subtitles) – Remembering lost loves; “MARGARET” by Manan Singh Katohora (English) – Even when memory fades, love endures.
7/21/2016: REUNIFICATION (85 minutes)
A feature film by Alvin Tsang which examines the legacy of his family’s immigration to Los Angeles from Hong Kong and experiences a renewed sense of hope by his return to Hong Kong.
Reunification by Alvin Tsang  (Brooklyn) (English with some Chinese and English Subtitles)
7/28/2016: SPANISH VISIONS (76 minutes)
Nine short films from Spain, Cuba, USA and Brazil with a mix of Spanish, Portuguese and English with subtitles, that will make you laugh, cry and laugh again.
Curvas by David Galan Galindo (Spain). It’s a wild ride, watch out for those curves!!!
Crisalida by Alonso Estrella, de Rothschild, Mendez Gonzalez, Costa Cantal (Cuba). An 86-year-old woman watches the world through her bedroom window.
Trato Preferente by Carlos Polo (Spain). This old lady is not very nice to the bank who lost her savings.
Fe De Vida by Elena Frez (Spain) Ahhh, the Civil Registry Office!!!! What fun…NOT!
Potasio by Pedro Moreno del Oso (Spain) Pablo and Inés need to settle a few things in their relationship.
Camilo by Rafael Salazar (Spain) - A young Latin American journalist living and working in New York, is moving into an apartment with his girlfriend.
Dulce by Ivan Ruiz Flores (Spain). Dulce is a fable about falling in love.
Noemia by Ivan Ruiz Flores (Brazil) Noemia is a girl who creates her own way to be happy.
Tras Bambalinas by Rafa Garcia (USA/Spain) There is nothing you can´t tell to a mother.

8/4/2016: SLICES OF LIFE FROM FLUSHING to MUMBAI  (74 minutes)
Four short films featuring the Flushing Web Series from Swallow Tail Studios and three other wonderful snapshots of life from around the world.
My Sister Swallowed the Zoo by Maya Yu Zhang and Zhujun Bamboo Ding (English)
Flushing Web Series by Peter Lee and Julian Kim from Queens (English) - From the streets of Flushing.
Mumbai Mornings by Veena Rao from Mumbai (English Subtitles) - From the streets of Mumbai.
The Eclipse of Taregna by Rakesh Chaudhary from USA (Indian/English Subtitles) - An eclipse of the heart.

8/11/2016: H.O.M.E. (85 minute feature film)
H.O.M.E. weaves together stories inspired by true events: A young boy is rescued from the subway while an Ecuadorian livery driver helps a Chinese woman desperate to get to her sick child. Shot entirely in Queens.
H.O.M.E. by Daniel Maldonado from Queens (English, some Spanish and Chinese with English Subtitles)

8/18/2016: MODERN RUIN: A WORLD'S FAIR PAVILION (77 minute documentary)
The New York State Pavilion, the shining symbol of the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, sits as a haunting reminder of what became of the 1960s. This is the story chronicles its demise over the past 50 years.
MODERN RUIN: A WORLD'S FAIR PAVILION by Mathew Silva from Queens (English language)

8/25/2016: SAVING JAMAICA BAY (88 minute documentary)
Local filmmakers and activists taking a look at our very own Jamaica Bay and all of the challenges involved in making sure that it remains one of our most vibrant natural habitat. PLUS a bonus short film: Christopher's Garden.
Saving Jamaica Bay by Dan Hendrick  (Queens) (English language) QWFF AUDIENCE AWARD 2016
Christopher’s Garden by Bill Torgeson ( Queens) (English language) A magical gardener, garden and tale.

Northern Woodside Coalition (Sgt. Collins Park in Woodside Queens at Broadway & 58th St.)
6 consecutive Fridays This is another new partnership for us and we are pleased to be featuring many local filmmakers. All screenings and selections are subject to change!

7/8/2016: QUEENS LOCAL (89 minutes)
Seven short films from Queens Filmmakers that explore our diverse corner of humanity
Can't Dance by Richard Uhlig – There is no expiration date on love. QWFF FOUNDERS CHOICE 2012
Comic Book Heaven by E.J. Mcleavey-Fisher – Our local Comic Book store brought to life as it closes.
Wild Woman by Joy Shatz  - One woman, multiple characters, tour de force.
We Had Plans by Christina Raia - Sisters face a crises.  
Thanks by Tom Patterson – A lost little girl turns out to be quite determined.
Disconnector by Faiyaz Jafri – An animated look at social media and our obsession with connecting.
Pain Staking by Adolfo Martinez Perez – a comedy about killing your best friend. Seriously.
Diwali Dream Garage by Johhny Pik - Strange things in a strange garages. QWFF BEST COMEDY SHORT 2015

7/15/2016: International Animated Films (82 minutes)
Clever, quirky and edgy these animated short films take on the world around us.
Written in Pencil by Yaron Bar (Israel) - An everyday train voyage slowly turns into a nightmare.
Something Left, Something Taken by Maz Porter & Ru Kuwahata (USA) - Scary stories in a scary cab.
Dirty Laundry Day by Jamil Lahham (USA) – Change is NOT free!!! QWFF BEST ANIMATION 2015
Day 6011 by Raf Wathion (Belgium) - After 6010 days, finally, a friend appears!!!!!
Perfect House Guest by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata (USA) the sweetest little mouse comes to visit.
ENHEBRADO Tatiana Pinzón Salavarrieta, Sandra Marcela Obando Morales (Columbia) - Experimental & dreamy.
Baby I love you by Faiyaz Jafri (Hong Kong) - talk about love-sick!!!
My Kingdom by Debra Solomon (NYC) - New Yorkers don’t like it when you get in their space. So watch it!!!!!!

7/22/2016: Love is Messy (95 minutes)
In love, we can be our own worst enemies.
    Freud by Federico Calabuig (Spain) This girl is a funny mess.
Dirty Beautiful by Tim Bartell (USA). It seemed like a good idea for Kat and David to move in together…and then it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

7/29/2016:  Inclusive Love Stories (89 minutes)
Love is love is love is love is love…..yes?
Get Down Glenda by Nicole Rogers (USA) – A girl has got to keep himself together!!!
Better Man by Adam Bradley (USA) - It’s tough to question yourself. QWFF BEST ACTOR IN A SHORT 2015
Easy Street by Russell Greene (Brooklyn) - Sometimes love means you have to do the right thing.
Wedlocked by puppet (USA) A farcical comedy about the old laws governing gay divorce.
RECURSION by Sam Buntrock (Astoria) – A fable about time travel.
Queen by Adam Rose (USA) - Everyone deserves a family.


8/5/2016: Fathers and Daughters and Sons (103 minutes)
Letting your child grow up is as hard as growing up yourself.
    Sharp Love - Sharp Kittens by Jon Sajetowski (Astoria) Fathers and Daughters share a special bond.
    You’ll Be a Man by Benoit (France/Brooklyn) – Everyone has to grow up sometime, even Fathers and Sons!

8/12/2016 New York Stories (90 minutes)
From the first ride to the last bet New Yorkers lead complicated lives, sometimes right under our very nose.
The Last Taxi Driver by Debra Markowitz (Queens) – He’s the last one and kinda pissed about it!
H.O.M.E. by Daniel Maldonado from Queens (English, some Spanish and Chinese with English Subtitles)

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