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DOT: Parking Permit Holder Info Stolen

By Liz Goff
Department of Transportation (DOT) officials are alerting motorists who hold Parking Permits issued by the agency that their personal information may have been compromised – more than seven months ago.

In a letter dated June 20, 2016, DOT Assistant Commissioner Michael Marisco explains that several boxes of records were stolen from the Parking Permits office in November 2015. The agency reported the theft to the city Department of Investigation and the NYPD as soon as officials realized the boxes were missing, Marisco said.

One arrest has been made in connection with the theft, and both law enforcement agencies are continuing their investigations.

Marisco said DOT is actively cooperating with law enforcement, and that the agency determined that this was the earliest time to inform potentially affected permit applicants about the theft. “In the interest of caution, we are notifying you that your personal information may be at risk,” he said.

DOT has arranged for affected permit holders to receive credit monitoring and repair services to help protect any personal information that may have been compromised.

Motorists are advised to call a specified credit monitoring service to obtain identity repair maintenance, if necessary. The firm can help recover any losses, restore credit and make sure the victim’s identity is returned to a proper condition, Marisco said.

Potential victims are also offered the option of enrolling with a second firm that provides additional credit monitoring and a $1million identity theft policy. The service is offered free of charge and will cover victims through September 20, 2017.

“Are they kidding?” Pablo Corbo, 43, said. “They say they waited seven months to tell us our information was stolen because they didn’t want to hurt the investigation? How much damage could have been done to us in that much time?” Corbo said.

The letter ends on a high note, advising potential victims that neither the incident, or their decision to opt for the monitoring services would in any way affect the validity of their permits or their renewal.

“They’re telling us our identity may have been stolen and our credit could be trashed, but everything is OK because it doesn’t affect our parking permits,” motorist Richard Mack said.

Mack, 55, or Astoria, said DOT officials should be held accountable for failing to notify potential victims immediately. “This is really scary,” Mack said. “They were wrong to withhold this information for so long. But I feel so much better, knowing my parking permit is OK.”

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