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Plan Ahead, Have Fun

To The Editor:

This 4th of July, Americans will toast the country’s independence with friends, family and fireworks. While summer holidays should be carefree and fun, they also present the ideal time to remind adults to plan ahead and celebrate responsibly. That’s why Anheuser-Busch and our employees are renewing our pledge to be or use a designated driver any time alcohol is part of our plans.

Drunk driving is 100% preventable when we all do our part. Always remember, get a ride. Call a cab. Take a train. Whatever you do, care enough to get home safely. Have a fun and safe holiday!

C.A. Verdon
Consumer Awareness &
Social Responsibility Coordinator
Anheuser-Busch Sales &
Service Of New York

Pat Dunphy

To The Editor:

Pat Dunphy was a loving member of the MPB School community. I wrote this tribute to her and I wondered if you could run it in the paper. Thanks for considering it.

Barbara DeMaio and I had the privilege of working with Pat at Most Precious Blood School for many years. We were very lucky to get to know her and her daughter, Teresa who also worked together for over 10 years in the same Catholic school environment. I would like to tell you about some of Pat’s wonderful qualities as a person.

She was kind in so many ways. As a member of the faculty of MPB School, she would always lend a hand to fellow teachers – to help them in their class as well as help the school with all the events, like graduation, Grocery Bingo, the Chinese Auction and the school dances. She worked as partner, especially with her cooperating teacher of the same grade level.

A second group who she was kind to was the students, whom she treated with respect and thoroughly enjoyed being with. She would stay after school and tutor them as she was working the after school program. Pat taught the children manners, like saying “please” and “thank you,” and to open doors for people, because it does make a difference in life. She really cared that each and every one of her 8th graders went to the right high school. She would help them all along the way with applying and choosing the school that was the right fit for them. She would be so proud when they would come and visit during their freshman year of high school to see her and let her know how they were doing. She wanted them to fulfill their dreams in life and she did not take the credit for how she prepared them for life. Pat was a humble woman.

She was also kind and respectful to the parents. She knew what it felt like to be a parent of a child going to Catholic school, because her three children went to the school and graduated. She could relate to them and would always lend a listening ear. Some of the families had multiple children that were in her class. She was a legend at MPB.

Every June at graduation time for the last 20 years, she would help her class prepare to graduate with many skills and knowledge that they would need in high school and in life. Many of their accomplishments were through her hard work as a math teacher and an 8th grade homeroom teacher. She would give all the credit to them with medals and awards at graduation time. We know that she left a handprint on their heart. She was proud of them and knew to herself that she had made a difference in their lives.

I would now like to cite this song by Tim McGraw, called “Humble and Kind.” I feel that Pat exhibited these two traits throughout life and she was a person who led by example. I would like this to be a tribute to what a wonderful person she was. Thank you for letting me share a few words and this song with you about this special person. Donna Flynn

Info Highway Tributaries

To The Editor:

Congratulations on your 34th Anniversay Issue (“Happy 34th To Us” Editorial, June 22). It was a great trip down memory lane of the Gazette’s history. Queens residents once had their own daily Long Island Star Journal and Long Island Press until they went out of business in the 60s and 70s.

Weekly newspapers based in Queens such as our own Queens Gazette, provide more in-depth coverage of local news not found in the remaining major daily newspapers.

We continue to be fortunate to live in one of the few remaining free societies, with a wealth of information sources available. Sadly, most American cities and suburbs are down to one local daily or weekly newspaper. Newspapers have to deal with increasing costs for newsprint, delivery and distribution, along with reduced advertising revenues and declining readership.

In New York City and Queens – we have ongoing circulation battles between a number of daily newspapers. They face competition from other daily newspapers who have a strong presence in their own communities, such as Long Island Newsday, Staten Island Advance, Journal News (Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and Dutchess counties), Star Ledger and Bergen Record (New Jersey), Herald Record (Hudson Valley and Catskills), along with the best source for international news coverage – The New York Times are also in the mix with the New York Post and New York Daily News. There are also national editions of USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, along with freebies such as AM New York and Metro New York. More people turn to all-news radio, national network news, such as ABC, CBS, NBC along with their local affiliates, News 1, FOX-5, WOR-9, WPIX-11 and PBS, cable news stations, such as CNBC, CNN, FOX, BBC and the internet for late-breaking news, which can sometimes become stale by the time it reaches print the next day. A growing population of new immigrants support their own newspapers and radio and television stations. Don't forget the growth of weekly papers such as the Village Voice and New York Observer.

I continue to be grateful that the Queens Gazette, along with other daily and weekly newspapers, afford me an opportunity to express my views, as well as differing opinions.

Thanks to you, ordinary citizens have the freedom to comment on the actions and legislation of elected officials. Public officials use taxpayers’ dollars to promote their views, via mass mailings of newsletters, news releases, letters to the editor and guest opinion page columns. In many cases, they are produced or written by campaign or office staffers who are paid for by taxpayers. The rest of us have limited time to submit a letter. In the marketplace of ideas, let us hope there continues to be room for everyone, including the Queens Gazette and all the other weekly newspapers. They fill a valuable niche in the information highway.

Larry Penner
Great Neck
Faithful Reader and Contributor for Over 30

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