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Life Is Sacred

To The Editor:
I truly hope that the mayor still is in charge of the DOE. It was successful under our former Mayor, Bloomberg, why must it be changed? If it is not broken, why fix it?
I also am not happy that bike lanes are used as parking lots.
I definitely am in favor of eliminating the pensions from those who are corrupt and were convicted of a felony while serving as governmental and public officials. They are not worthy of receiving their pensions.
I also believe that private carting and garbage collection companies must have mechanics check their vehicles and they must conform to standards of safety like those of the City Department of Sanitation.
I also believe strongly that assault weapons and weapons of war must not be sold and be banned. When another gun store owner and clerk refused to sell that ammunition to that terrorist and that owner reported it to the FBI, nothing was done. Why must needless killings and injuries occur, and nothing is done to prevent that from happening? We are told that when we see something, we must do something when there is wrongdoing.
Also, that killing of the member of parliament in England was senseless. I am also glad that finally, after 15 years of grieving and sadness and no closure about the fallen hero of 9/11 whose body or remains were never found finally had a funeral due to a vial of blood being found.
Why must life that is given to us by God as a gift be taken by terrorists, murderers and criminals?
Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

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