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Dromm, Community Respond To Orlando Shooting

Councilman Daniel Dromm released a statement in response to the June 12th shooting at an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub:
“This past Sunday, the LGBT and Muslim communities and all peace-loving people were outraged by the mass shooting that left 49 people dead and over 50 wounded in Pulse, a gay night club in Orlando.”
In response to the tragedy, Councilman Dromm co-organized a vigil in Jackson Heights’ Diversity Plaza later that evening with Ali Najmi, the President of the Muslim Democratic Club of NY. At the vigil, Dromm and dozens of Muslim and LGBT community leaders spoke out against violence in all its forms and paid their respects to the victims’ families.
“I was moved by this overwhelming display of love and solidarity. The vigil was a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives and a rejection of those who would seek to divide our communities during this difficult time,” stated Dromm.
He continued, “The next day, I joined transgender community members for Make the Road NY’s 5th Annual Trans-Latina March in Jackson Heights. Together, we marched down Roosevelt and 37th Avenues in support of the Orlando victims and for justice for transgender people everywhere.
“I marched again on Tuesday night from gay club to gay club along Roosevelt Avenue and 37th Avenue. Gay clubs are our sanctuaries and now they have been violated. I marched yet again on Wednesday night along Roosevelt Avenue.
“I have been marching for four nights in a row now. The LGBT community has been been galvanized by this attack. There is hope for the future because I see more and more people coming out and saying what happened in Orlando is unacceptable.”

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