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‘Bardo’ To Premiere At Dolby

Co-directors (l. to r.); Scott Aharoni and Dennis Latos. Co-directors (l. to r.); Scott Aharoni and Dennis Latos. Up and coming directing duo, Dennis Latos and Scott Aharoni, have announced the completion of their film, BARDO. They further announced they have sent it around the world to several academy accredited, prestigious film festivals, and are holding a private red carpet premiere at the Dolby Theatre on Friday, June 24th, at 8:00 pm.

“Bardo” is the story of how, after a long night working the New York City streets as a taxi driver, Johnny finds himself frustrated, on edge and seeking an escape. While pulled over and getting ready to indulge, he is interrupted by Lily, an old woman insisting on a ride home. Reluctantly he agrees to drive her and what follows is an unexpected journey.

The directors of Bardo, Scott Aharoni and Dennis Latos, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to be submitting our film to the biggest and most prestigious film festivals in the world. To give you a little bit of information about us, we are two young filmmakers, 22 and 24 years of age, who have partnered up to be a powerhouse directing, producing, and editing duo. It is funny to say that we both met each other through Facebook, and soon after, met each other in person, and lo and behold, the rest was history. It is pretty incredible how strong social media has become when connecting filmmakers and other artists. We feel that together, we can provide fresh, new cinematic grit when directing our films. We are also excited about Bardo, since it will be considered our premiere as a directing duo!”

The directors are native New Yorkers, and shot Bardo in Astoria, giving the film the unmistakable aura of New York City. Bardo also stars two native New Yorkers as well: Johnny Solo and Lelia Goldoni. Johnny Solo has acted in several festival films, including the indie hit, “Newlyweds” and “Fitzgerald Family Christmas.” Both of these films were directed by New York director Edward Burns. “Newlyweds” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and “Fitzgerald Family Christmas” premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Bardo’s leading lady, Lelia Goldoni, is a two-time BAFTA nominated actress who is most well known for her performance in “Shadows,” which was written and directed by John Cassavetes.

“Dennis and I had an absolute blast working with our actors, which made creating ‘Bardo’ an even more incredible experience.

With each festival we hope to get into, Johnny and Lelia will be traveling with us, as they are equally excited about the film festival circuit,” said Aharoni. He added, “We feel that Bardo provides an emotional journey that our audience can take when watching our film. The film offers a relationship between two characters that is gripping and unique. We like to describe ‘Bardo’ as a journey that is full of imagination, requires interpretation, and has a lot of meaning that is worth analyzing.

“And, after watching Bardo, we want our audiences to know that they should never give up, and that a second chance at life is possible. We truly believe, that no matter what, you are never alone in this world, and there is always a loved one looking down on you.”

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