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Is Crime Really Down?

To The Editor:
I am glad that LaGuardia Airport will be renovated.
Also I heard that crime decreased in NYC. To me that is not the case. I always hear on the radio every day that there is a murder, rape, stabbing, shooting, mugging or some other violent crime committed. Are statistics altered?
I believe in more strategic policing and more banning of guns and curbing gun use.
I also heard that addiction to drugs is a major concern in New York State. That is why prescriptions are important since so many people can bring fake or illegal paper prescriptions to the pharmacy. There must be more drug addiction and rehab centers as well, and more mental health centers.
In addition more funding must be given to mental health since suicides are up. In the U.S. the death rate rose and suicides are on top of the list.
I am also glad that Astoria is becoming the movie industry capital of the world with filming at Silvercup Studios and Kaufman Astoria Studios.
Also glad that June is going to be outside activity month in Astoria. This is putting the Astoria area on the map.
Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

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