2016-06-08 / Editorials

Being The Best Pet Parents

This is our pet issue, and we are featuring superior pet services and supply places, as well as some stories for you pet lovers out there. Pets are right after humans, in our list of who we love, protect and look after. They are our best friends, companions, beloved and compassionate “fur babies.” And they love us right back – if they see us upset, they come and give comfort, they also protect us, our children and our homes. They are also the most adorable beings to us “pet parents” – our own, and friends’ such as Penny and Penny II, Penny III (a chicken), Caterina, Tommy, Elvis, Zoe, Buddy, Frodo, TC (stands for “Toooooo Cute”), Habibi, Poupette, Piewacket, Catmandu, Tiberius, Chillie, Jacoby, Babyface (Nelson), Chihiro and Junior, to name just a few we know and love – the list is almost infinite. Many of them are rescues, and are they ever thankful! They never forget what we have done for them.

They don’t even want much in return, just love (and some food) (okay, and they really like somewhere soft to sleep). But they deserve so much more: proper medical care, such as vaccinations, even if they are housecats – they can sometimes get out, and also can become infected by us; grooming to keep them clean and comfortable, and reduce hairballs – your furniture and clothes will thank you; plenty of exercise – we can use it as well, so extend those walks, maybe even jog, and invest in climbable cat furniture too – again, your furniture will thank you; toys, especially for stay-at-home pets, they get bored too. When it is hot out they get overheated just as we do, especially if they have fur – think about climate control when you are not home, at least during heat waves. Does your dog have a friend they love to see? How about arranging play dates? Dogs are social animals, so we like to help them express these deeply ingrained instincts.

Our pets live for us, so it is the least we can do to pet them when they come over, look at them, play with them, protect them and return the love!

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