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Letters to the Editor

Clinton For Stability

To The Editor:

Narcissus was a man who fell in love with his own reflection. A neophyte is a person new to a subject.

Donald Trump is a narcissist neophyte by every definition. Clearly he is not a principled man, as his positions have changed more than a chameleon changes colors. The only assurance Trump offers is his self-love and his lack of experience to deal with the realities of a world in change, turbulent with daily threats.

Hillary Clinton has been defined by as many derogatory epithets as any presidential candidate since Andrew Jackson. Adding the misdeeds of Bill Clinton, the negatives hurled at Hillary is a mountain of distaste, distrust, rejection and even hatred.

Yet when she was Secretary of State her approval rating was nearly 80%, which included accolades from Republicans. Only now that her candidacy may result in her becoming the first woman to be president are those who praised her redefining her.

In the current state of politics none of this is surprising. Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina who was disgusted by Trump has suddenly had an epiphany that The Donald would make a good President.

The voters are in revolt as is evidenced by the candidacies of Trump and Sanders. Both candidates offer promises that are impossible. Neither, if elected would fulfill the expectations they have raised with their bases.

Pundits have concluded that it is “outsider” year. If either won, the question must be, “what would their disgruntled base do?” For years Republicans and Democrats have not done anything but oppose the other, with compromise meaning treachery, the future in a Sanders or Trump Administration might well lead to the end of both organized parties. Hillary may not be the candidate who lights a fire of support, but seems the only one who could offer stability in a political arena and in the real world sorely hoping for it.

Ed Horn
Baldwin, LI

No Outdoor Bar

A copy of this letter was received at the
Queens Gazette.
May 19, 2016
Vincent Bradley, Chairman
New York State Liquor Authority
80 South Swan Street, 9th Floor
Albany, NY 12210
Re: Farm Brewing License Application
LaPlaya NYC - 176 Woodward Avenue,
Ridgewood, Queens
Dear Commissioner Bradley:

It has come to my attention that an establishment at the above referenced location will be filing an application for a farm brewing license at a vacant lot on Woodward Avenue near residential homes. According to an article dated May 19 in the Ridgewood Times (enclosed), there are several Ridgewood residents who are concerned about the noise, traffic and littering that will occur due to the opening of this establishment. I support and share these concerns.

The location would be an open-air location where beer would be served. Its proposed hours of operation would extend to midnight most nights including weekday evenings. This will maximize the negative impact such an establishment will have on the nearby residential properties and residents’ daily lives, making it completely inappropriate at this location.

I oppose this licensure very strongly, particularly the very rapid start date. I would appreciate if you look into this issue and get back to me as soon as possible. Sincerely,

Catherine Nolan
cc: Honorable Michael Gianaris
Honorable Joseph Addabbo
Honorable Antonio Reynoso
Honorable Elizabeth Crowley
James Martin, Licensing Department,
NYC Liquor
Vincent Arcuri, Chairman, CB 5
Gary Giordano, District Manager, CB 5
Captain Mark T. Wachter, Commanding
Officer, 104th Police Precinct
Paul Kerzner, President, Ridgewood
Property Owners Civic Association
Ted Renz, Ridgewood Local
Development Corporation

TSA Funding Essential

To The Editor:

I agree that there must be more efficient changes to improve the TSA and to avoid the long lines at airports.

Limiting the size of carry-on bags is important, as well as adding more canine units and TSA agents. They must be trained and thoroughly screened.

I think that former Mayor Giuliani would make a great Homeland Security Secretary, even under Hillary Clinton.

He did so much to calm New Yorkers after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

I am appalled that TSA funding was cut. It is necessary to have this service at our airports since terrorism is rearing its ugly head.

Long lines at airports and a lack of employees are the problem. What is wrong with our government, to cut essential funding?

Also, it will be an abomination if nursing homes will not have a rating system and not be inspected and patients will not be given the care they need.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

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