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Cops Arrest 32 People At Citifield Music Festival

By Liz Goff
More than 32 people were arrested on drug and other charges at a two-day festival in the Citifield Parking lot, police sad.

Cops arrested the concert patrons during the two-day Electric Daisy Carnival that was held on May 14 and 15 in the Met’s home stadium parking lot.

The festival returned to Queens this year after a two-year stint in New Jersey, authorities said. The concert featured some of the most popular DJs in the world - a mix of music and food on four stages that rocked the neighborhood..

The festival also featured an “adult carnival” with free rides for everyone. “EDCs landscape is an oversize adult playground dotted with all your favorite full-size thrills,” organizers said. “Rides were free for everyone to enjoy!”

“Drug deals were going on all over the place, all weekend,” concertgoers said. “They were selling drugs in corners and outside almost all of the venues. The place was like a drug supermarket until the police raided it,” concertgoers said.

Police said most of the arrests were drug-related. Several people were arrested on harassment and assault charges, police said.


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