2016-05-25 / Editorials

Red Light On Bike Lanes

Regarding bike lanes on Queens Boulevard, one community board has spoken out against it. DOT had stated bike lanes were community-driven when Borough President Katz asked for a borough wide perspective on bike lanes. Mayor de Blasio announced he is going forward with protected bike lanes on Queens Boulevard. It seems to us, the bike lanes are not wanted by the majority of residents, as they are simply impractical, and only make congestion worse, rather than improving the situation.

For example, bike lanes require space, which in some places is the space cars could have used to go around those waiting to turn left, causing a traffic jam, and causing idling which pollutes even more. That is poor design, especially given the small numbers of actual cyclists using those lanes. Perhaps there is nowhere else to put a bike lane, due to the overall lack of extra space in our city. Which leads to the reasons for soliciting input from the community in the first place. They were asked, have spoken, and are now being ignored. We are at an impasse, and until there is consensus, the bike path project cannot move forward.

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