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Website Warns Landlords Of 'Bad Tenants'

By Liz Goff
Owners of rental units in New York City have a new weapon in their arsenal to weed out undesirable tenants.

The website, www.donotrento.com was designed several years ago to provide landlords with information on potential “bad tenants,” who wreak havoc and cause problems for property owners.

Landlords who utilize the website can avoid the pitfalls placed before them by bad tenants, including housing issues, legal fees, collection costs and the like. The website weeds out tenants with a history of failing to pay rent, those who leave dirty or damaged units and tenants who move out large appliances with their furniture.

For an annual fee, landlords who sign up on the website can check the credit standing of prospective tenants, find out if they’ve left a trail of damage or destruction – and if they really cleaned out apartments, taking refrigerators, stoves or other large items when they moved.




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