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Six-Car Accident on 23rd Avenue and 32nd Street

By Catherina Gioino

The scene of a terrible pile-up in Astoria.The scene of a terrible pile-up in Astoria.A six-car accident occurred on 23rd Avenue between 32nd Street and 33rd Street in Astoria in which three people were seriously injured, according to a witness. Other witnesses of the accident  that occurred at around 4:30 p.m., May 12, said the cars were on 23rd Avenue driving toward Steinway Street, when a black Acura, going south on 33rd Street, ran the red light and hit the line of cars heading east. The impact was so intense that it caused the Acura to spin almost 180 degrees to face 23rd Avenue, and it caused the first car it hit to spin and hit a parked car on the other side of the street.
The accident “caused a chain reaction,” according to witness Adam Thompson, who was at the barbershop across the street, said he saw “this maniac in the Acura was driving very fast, ran the red light, slammed that Touareg this way into that car.”
The accident was indeed a chain reaction. After the Acura hit the silver Volkswagen, it went on to collide with the three other cars on the eastbound side of the avenue, hitting a silver Mazda, a tan Lexus, and a green Toyota. A white Nissan Murano parked on the westbound side of the avenue was hit by the Volkswagen spinning out of control.
Linda Kim, who was driving the Lexus, heard “this really loud, scary noise, and then a second PHOTOS CATHERINA GIOINOPHOTOS CATHERINA GIOINOlater, this car went backwards into my car.” She said, “I thought there was an explosion, so I immediately got out of my car and started running in the other direction. I looked back at a safe distance and was still really confused about what happened.”
Before ambulances came, Igor R. was working at the barbershop and ran to check on the cars as soon as he heard the commotion. “I heard a crazy ruckus. I assumed the train derailed or something, but no, just a six car accident, three people seriously injured and the rest not so bad, and hardcore on that one—all the cars are practically dead.”
Also on scene was Irene Barakos, whose window overlooks 23rd Avenue. She heard “a horrific noise like something fell from the sky,” and “loud human screaming.” When asked about the response time of the police and medical services, she responded, “they came within minutes. It was a lot of effort to get the man that was trapped in the first car with his mom or somebody with him.”
The street was cleared by 5:30 p.m., with a police car blocking the entrance to 23rd Avenue at 32nd Street and 33rd Street.

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