2016-05-18 / Editorials

Town Halls Are Essential

A town hall meeting is an informal gathering of the community with public figures, elected officials, and those representing agencies and organizations serving the community. This tradition lets everyone voice their concerns, apprise others of any observations, fill people in on what is happening or going to happen, and basically lets the community as a whole, with the local leaders, discuss or hash out current issues. The town hall lets leaders know what we want, lets us know what they can do, or are doing – on the local level, neighborhoods, cities, up to nationally broadcasted meetings. Topics can include education, mass transportation, traffic safety, park amenities, garbage pickup, airport issues, depending on each particular communities’ needs. For example, Assemblywoman Simotas and United Community Civic Association’s (UCCA) recent Town Hall hosted the following city agencies: Aging, City Planning, Corrections, Education, Emergency Management, Health, Human Resources, Parks, Sanitation, Transportation and the NYPD’s 114th Precinct. The process helps our form of government, in which we elect representatives to do what they can to distill our wishes, needs, grievances and budgets into legislation workable for all sides. We highly recommend everyone attend any town halls in the vicinity to participate in the improvement and shaping of their respective communities; without input from the community our representative form of government does not work as well.

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