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‘Supertall’ Tower To Overshadow Citicorp Building

By Liz Goff
A new, 79-story, mixed-use tower will soon overshadow the Citicorp Tower and Tower Two in Long Island City. The tower slated for development at 23-15 44th Drive is destined to become the first supertall building in Queens.

United Construction and Development recently filed a request with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop the 984-foot-tall City View Tower, a residential building that will rise 330-feet above Citigroup’s One Court Square. 

Plans filed in February for the 79-story tower called for a 963-foot building. With the addition of 21 feet, the building will soar to 984-feet-tall, to supertall status, real estate experts said. With a bulkhead of 16-feet for mechanicals, the building will rise to 1000-feet and will require FAA approval, the experts said.

Plans filed for the project show the building will feature 774 apartments on 759,412 square-feet of residential space. The ground floor will feature 19,721-square-feet of retail space, with a garage on the second floor and one apartment plus amenity space on the third floor. The fourth, fifth and sixth floors will feature smaller apartments ranging from 24 to 52 units per floor.

The number of units decreases as the tower rises, with 11 units featured on each of the next 50 stories. Three penthouse apartments are featured on the 76th through the 78th floors.

The building will feature 225 parking spots spread between the cellar and the second floor.

The developer acquired the nine-parcel, 79,000-square-foot site from Citigroup in July 2015 for $143 million. The parcel, located just west of the Citigroup towers at 23rd Street, between 44th Road and 44th Drive in Long Island City, encompass a vacant lot, a small apartment building and several warehouses.

Citigroup originally planned to build another tower at the site, but decided to sell the property after taking a beating during the recent recession, real estate sources said.

Financial giant Citiorp built its Citi Tower One in 1988 despite protests by owners of nearby, decades-old town houses who voiced concerns that the building would create traffic, environmental and other municipal problems in the close-knit neighborhood.

One local woman who testified against the tower at a 1987 public hearing, expressed concern because her property was located one block behind the planned building. The frustrated homeowner told representatives of city agencies that she was planning to replace her front yard flowers with mushroom when the tower was completed. “Mushrooms are the only thing that will grow in the dark,” the woman said.

The neighborhood, located near public transportation and within walking distance of the Queens Plaza transportation hub, has since become a haven for people who want to live in a Manhattan-like atmosphere outside the big city, real estate experts said.

Work on the new tower is set to begin in 2017 and will be completed in the fall of 2019.

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