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Moseley, Murderer Of Kitty Genovese, Dies In Prison

By Jason D. Antos

Winston Moseley, the man who killed Kitty Genovese in the dead of night in Kew Gardens more than a half century ago, is dead.

The man, whose gruesome rape and murder of the 28-year-old resident of 82-70 Austin Street on March 13, 1964, was reportedly one of New York State’s longest serving inmates when he died on March 28 at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Clinton, NY. He was 81.

At the time of her death, Genovese was working as a bar manager at Ev’s Eleventh Hour Sports Bar on Jamaica Avenue and 193rd Street in Hollis.

Kitty Genovese’s death made headlines not only for the way she was murdered, but also because reportedly 38 people from the apartment building across the street saw the crime happen and did nothing to help her.

While there was no question that some neighbors heard her cries for help, the portrayal of 38 witnesses as fully aware and unresponsive to her plight was erroneous as revealed in later years.

The newspaper articles, which appeared in the days following the murder, had grossly exaggerated the number of witnesses and what they had heard or saw. Only a couple of people saw the attack and the rest merely heard shouts which, at that time of night, were confused with party goers returning home drunk or maybe even a lovers’ quarrel.   

In fact it was Genovese’s neighbor, a 70-year-old woman, who went out and cradled the dying victim in her arms while another neighbor phoned the police. Genovese died on the way to an area hospital.

Genovese’s attacker, Moseley, a Queens native was arrested during a house burglary several days after the attack. He confessed to the murder while in custody, along with the murders and sexual assaults of two other women. At his trial, he was found guilty and sentenced to be executed, which was later reduced to life imprisonment

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