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Primaries Only The Beginning

This year’s presidential campaign has been frantic, fraught, a big political fray, or some would say, a fracas. Everyone is full of speculation and urgency. The candidates are debating and making their points passionately, as are their supporters and critics. There are many different ways it can all go. We are witnessing and participating in the Grand Experiment of Democracy in action.
Many of the candidates have strong New York connections – Hillary Clinton started out in Illinois and went on to become the Senator of New York, Bernie Sanders was born and raised here and moved to Vermont, Donald Trump was born and raised in Queens and moved to nearby Manhattan, and they all came home to reconnect with us personally and share their respective visions for our future.
We wish them all well, it was exciting and energizing having them here as they campaigned for the delegate-rich region known as New York. This presidential campaign seems to be drawing record numbers of voters, many of them in younger age groups that typically do not turn out in huge percentages. But this cycle’s candidates seem to be catalyzing greater numbers than ever before. We hope any difficulties at the polls will not discourage voters in the future.
There seems to be more at stake than ever before, and we are taking an avid interest in this contest, along with a huge percentage of voters. We encourage anyone who has not been following the race closely to check into where each candidate stands, not only their standing in the contest. We will continue to follow the campaign trail and look forward to seeing the candidates again next November.
Even if one’s chosen candidate does not win, there are still opportunities for us all to participate in governing ourselves. We communicate with our chosen leaders, and attend community gatherings to make our voices heard and work on coming to agreement with the rest of the community and determining what is best and most fair for all, in this sphere affecting all other spheres of our lives directly known as politics continues to evolve. We wish all the candidates good luck and may the best person win.

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