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Guide To Outdoor Grill Safety

By Liz Goff
The month of May brings more than spring flowers. With its warm weather, May brings the anticipation of outdoor parties for Moms, Dads, Brides and Grads, prompting Queens families to fire-up the backyard barbeque for some rib-tickling celebrations. .

Unfortunately, May also accounts for 13 per cent of annual barbecue blazes, a spokesperson for the National Fire Prevention Association (NFFA) said.

The month of June accounts for 14 per cent of barbecue fires and July, the peak month for grill fires, accounts for 18 per cent of all barbeque blazes, the NFPA spokesperson said.

“Grilling throughout spring and summer months is a welcome sight at cookouts,” the spokesperson said. “But unattended flames and amateur grillers can make your barbeque memorable for all the wrong reasons.”

NFPA last week released its annual “Guide For Grill Safety,” urging backyard barbecue lovers to follow these tips to stay safe during the cookout season:

  • Make sure your barbecue grill is placed far away from your house or deck railings
  • Place the grill away from bushes, trees and overhanging branches
  • Do not let children or pets near the grill area
  • Never, ever leave your grill unattended while you are cooking
  • Always keep a container of baking soda or fire extinguisher within reach while the barbecue is in use
  • Clean the grill after each use, removing all grease and fat buildup
  • Make sure you extinguish all flames and fire and place the metal cover on the barbeque before heading indoors for the night

For more outdoor grill fire prevention tips, visit www.nffa.org.


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