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Trump, Clinton Easy Winners In New York

By John Toscano

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored easy hometown victories in yesterday’s presidential primary elections throughout New York State, moving both closer to winning their parties’ presidential nominations for the election to be held in November.
Trump trounced rival Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich as he rolled up 60 percent of the vote cast by Republicans, and Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders, winning by more than 15 percentage points among Democratic voters. Both dominated the balloting in New York City as well as the rest of the state.
Trump scored 60.5 percent of the registered Republicans’ votes, trailed by Kasich at 25.1 percent and Cruz at 14.5 percent.
Clinton won 57.9 percent to 42.1 percent for Sanders of the registered Democrats’ votes.
In actual votes, Clinton reached over a million, with 1,037,344; Sanders with 752,739 votes total in the state; Trump got a total of 518,601 votes; Kasich earned 214,755; and Cruz collected a mere 123,894.
Trump’s victory earned him almost all of the 95 delegate posts that were up for grabs in Tuesday’s voting, moving him further ahead of Cruz and Kasich and within reach of the GOP nomination. But although he was pleased with the victory, he continued to target Republican Party leaders as running “a crooked system that’s rigged” and might deny him the nomination at the Republican presidential convention in July.
Clinton, who served previously as a Senator from this state, thanked New York voters for giving her a great victory in Tuesday’s voting and moving her much further ahead of Sanders for the nomination.

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