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Healthlink To Allergies By International ENT Surgeon

By Catherine Tsounis

          Flowers during allergy season.
Flowers during allergy season.   What does an ENT surgeon do? They don’t only take care of ears, nose and throat. “An ENT surgeon is a doctor who deals with almost every human sense and the organs that serve these senses, as he examines hearing, balance, smell and taste, additionally to the ear, nose, pharynx and larynx,” explained Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis. He is an international surgeon affiliated with hospitals in England and Tripolis, Greece. He does a lot in a limited area. Patients with hearing loss, dizziness, sinus issues, swallowing problems, ear wax removal, chronic cough and hoarseness go to an ENT, such as Dr. Vardounitis. Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis
Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis
            Allergy season is beginning early because of warm weather. ENT surgeons, in addition to one’s primary care doctor, pediatrician or allergist help diagnose and treat allergies. “How do we get rid of allergies?” said Dr. Vardounitos in an interview. “Both subcutaneous (injection) immunotherapy and sublingual immunotherapy -in the form of drops- come to dispel the myth that allergies cannot be treated and unfortunately we have to learn to live with them...”
        Injecting patient
Injecting patient     The ENT surgeon continued explaining that “The injections are performed in clinic, usually just under the skin (subcutaneously) in the rear region of the shoulder. Each vaccine contains an inactive form of the substance which is causing the allergy (the allergen), and repeated every week with progressively higher doses (dose escalation) until the maintenance dose, which is achieved in about three months later. Afterwards the treatment is repeated almost every month (maintenance dose) for a time that depends on the patient and his/hers specific allergy, expanding up to 3-5 years or more.”
                “Sublingual drops work in a similar manner but are easier to use, since only initially they are taken in clinic under the supervision of a physician, and then the patient continues the treatment daily at home,” he said. “From the scientific data available the benefit of immunotherapy is threefold: Child with ENT surgeon
Child with ENT surgeon
1st Even if the patient’s allergies are not totally cured, immunotherapy reduces the intensity of the allergic symptoms for a very long period and therefore
2nd Reduces long term use of medication (corticosteroid aerosol inhaled by the mouth and nose, antihistamines pills, syrups, etc.)
3rd Prevents the progression of allergic rhinitis to allergic asthma and the appearance of more allergies in people who are allergic to only one allergen (mono-sensitized), a procedure known as the “allergic march”.”
                He believes  “Although to some this may seem like a long process-treatment. It is actually not so, if you take the time to consider the alternative option of ongoing use of anti-allergic medications and the impaired quality of life.” Allergens
            Ent surgeons are the top doctors of many common conditions. “If we add a few more very complex functions, such as the voice and swallowing for instance and diseases such as allergy, we understand how complicated and wide is the field for the specialist and how necessary it is to inform patients,” he said.
    AllergensAllergens        Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis has a colorful graphic website that appeals to the mainstream community at http://www.vardouniotis.gr/. “The purpose of this site is your information on problems related to our specialty in a simple and practical way,” he said. Anyone can read it on the internet by using google translator. Visit and hear a common sense approach to our ear, nose and throat problems and crossover problems from a surgeon with international experience.

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