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For a unique concept in quality Indian “fast food” cooked slowly, you must try Curry & Co. on Union Tpke in New Hyde Park. Curry & Co. opened in January and is the brain child of two successful restaurateurs and franchisors: Mr. Josan and Mr. Singh, who together, have 15 years of experience in the restaurant business.

The modern, clean interior has several stainless steel tables to dine in, but most of the business goes out the door, as the phone never stops ringing with orders for Kati rolls, curry bowls, “nan-wiches”, and roti wraps. Curry & Co. combines time-honored, classic Indian recipes from all over the sub-continent with quality ingredients including hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, grass-fed lamb, and traditional spices to create their signature dishes like chicken tikka masala and lamb saag. Chef Peter Beck, an accomplished chef, puts his heart and soul into every dish, taking the time needed to marinate the meats in preparation for the clay Tandoor oven, where everything comes out juicy and succulent, and never greasy. All the aromatic and flavorful sauces are made by hand using fine ingredients, and the naan bread is made on the spot, hot from the Tandoor oven. Over a dozen colorful, enamel pots hold many of the delicious dishes, made all day long and served up fast.

We started with some golden, crisp samosa pastries, filled with potatoes and lentils, served with sweet tamarind and green chili sauce ($1.50). Paneer tikka and Paneer fingers are made with homemade cheese called paneer, seasoned and great for sharing. Our Tandoori Cornish hen was a real treat, rubbed with flavorful spices and cooked to perfection in the clay oven that rendered the tiny fowl crisp on the outside and so juicy and tender inside. It’s important to note that while Indian food is aromatic and flavorful, it is not all spicy and hot. Curry & Co. strikes a nice balance and all dishes can be adjusted to your liking. We like it hot, so Chef Peter brought on the lamb vindaloo, stewed in a heady tomato-vinegar based sauce with just the right amount of ‘heat’. When spooned over the fluffy basmati rice, this dish is simply irresistible, and can also be ordered with chicken. Speaking of chicken, Curry’s classic chicken tikka masala is the most popular dish here and with good reason. The chunks of chicken are supremely tender and cut with a fork while they swim in a creamy sauce of tomato, cream, yogurt, and coconut for an exotic, yet mild dish that tastes even better the next day for lunch ($11.95)! Another very popular entrée is the Salmon tikka masala, made with fresh caught salmon and that wonderful sauce. Salmon or shrimp korma offers another delicious sauce, or try the shrimp with black pepper for a dish with a kick. Bread is ordered separately and your Naan bread or Prantha bread comes hot from the oven with garlic, onion, or plain. Vegetarians have nearly two dozen options of entrees at Curry & Co. Choose dal makhni, tofu masala, saag (spinach) and chana saag with chick peas. Cool off with a refreshing mango or strawberry lassi yogurt drink, or the soft drink of your choice.

Make ordering easy on yourself with their foolproof “3-Step Menu.” Step 1: Choose either a combo platter, a rice bowl, a salad bowl, kati roll, nanwich, or roti wrap. Step 2: Choose your protein from hormone-free meat, salmon, lamb or chicken, or your vegetable filling of choice. Step 3: Choose your favorite sauce from tikka masala, korma, vindaloo, curry, or Manchurian. The ‘recipe’ is so easy it allows for easy ordering in-house or over the phone. This simple way of eating also lends itself to franchising, which Josan and Singh are hoping to do. Curry & Co. does expert catering for any size party in your home, your business, or a catering facility. Please call to arrange a menu.

Sweeten your palate with homemade rice pudding, or gulab jamun cheese balls with sweet milk. Everything tastes good at Curry & Co. and I appreciate that the food is not greasy or salty. Indeed, this is a healthy alternative to fast food. It’s good quality food, served quickly but made slowly, using traditional recipes, made with love.

Visit Curry & Co. for lunch or dinner, open seven days a week, or call your order in. You can order online through Seamless too. Don’t forget to cater your next big event with the experts at Curry & Co. Hurry to Curry & Co. Indian Grill for fresh, healthy Indian cuisine served fast!

271-19 Union Turnpike
New Hyde Park, NY  718.749.5418


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