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Gazette Primary Endorsements

The Gazette endorses Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States in the primary election to be held next Tuesday, April 19.

The Gazette, after due deliberation, chose Hillary Clinton as the candidate over Bernie Sanders because she possesses far more experience in government to take on the demanding task of becoming our next President of the United States.

Clinton, an attorney, served for eight years as the First Lady at the White House during the presidency of her husband, William Jefferson Clinton. After President Clinton’s term ended, Hillary Clinton was elected to the United States Senate from New York State in 2000. Shortly after being reelected in 2008, Clinton resigned the Senate seat when she was appointed Secretary of State. In the presidential primary election next Tuesday, April 19, where a candidate will be selected to run for President of the United States on the Republican Party line, the Gazette endorses Donald Trump as its choice.

Mr. Trump, a successful business leader in New York City as owner of the Trump Organization real estate development firm, last summer joined a large group of contenders seeking to be the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in the November 8 election.

It was Trump’s first foray into the world of politics, and it included several U.S. Senators, a governor and a former governor (whose family included two ex-U.S. Presidents).

But although Trump was clearly out of his element, instead of following the others– who were giving tired “why I’m running for president” speeches, Trump launched into his campaign themed “It’s Time To Make America Great Again.”

Trump clearly took the lead from that group of experienced pols with his surprising entrance into the race that evening, and they haven’t caught up with the Republican Party’s leading Presidential contender in the 2016 race yet.

In the end Trump is from Queens and Hillary has made New York her adopted home state. Both locals deserve our vote.

The Gazette heartily endorses Donald Trump for the Republican Party endorsement in 2016!!

Photo Gage Skidmore
Hillary Clinton speaking at an event in Des Moines, Iowa.

Photo Michael Vadon
Donald Trump New Hampshire Town Hall on August 19th, 2015 in Derry, NH.

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