2016-04-06 / Front Page

Residential Units Blooming On Broadway

By Liz Goff
Owners of a building at 36-19 Broadway have filed plans with the Department of Buildings to transform the two-story commercial building into a four-story, mixed use site.Plans call for continued retail use on the ground floor, with two apartments on the second, third and fourth floors.A fast-spreading fire broke out at 2:30 a.m. on October 22, in the basement of a Chicken Shack Restaurant located on the first floor of the building. A restaurant manager said at the time that employees cleaning up in the basement area after closing smelled smoke and called 911. Fire marshals determined the fire was caused by an electrical accieent. The fire spread to two attached buildings, causing severe damage to Jewels of Buddha, a clothing and accessory store at 31-84 37th Street and Winegasm, a popular wine bar and restaurant at 31-80 37th Street. The Chicken Shack Restaurant and Winegasm have since reopened. Jewels of Buddah announced the store was closing in January due to fire damage, and a second-floor Pilates studio relocated after the fire, to a new site on Broadway.

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