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FDNY Proposes Symbols To Save Lives

By Liz Goff

City fire officials are proposing a new set of rules that would help firefighters locate apartment dwellers trapped in hi-rise blazes.

The new rules would mandate landlords to affix stickers to the outside of doors in apartment buildings that have eight or more units on each floor. The vertical stickers would feature stars numbers, letters and triangles that would help firefighters identify entrances to apartments, fire officials said.

A star at the top of the sticker would identify the main entrance to an apartment, and would be followed by the apartment number. A triangle would mark a secondary entrance to the apartment, followed by the apartment number. By identifying a secondary entrance, firefighters would know if they are trying to break through drywall or through a wall blocked by furniture, officials said.

Under the rules, the symbols would have to be “plainly discernible” from the background color of the door. The signs could be painted, nailed or screwed-in, or adhered to doors in contrasting colors, in san serif typeface at least one-half inch high, and would have to be placed 12 inches fro the floor, to assist firefighters who are crawling on the floor to identify apartment numbers.

The symbols would have to be firmly affixed and would have to glow or reflect light when firefighters use flashlights to identify the apartments, FDNY officials said.

The rule would also require landlords and owners of duplex and triplex apartments to include “up” and “down” symbols on the signs, to reflect the direction of floors in the units.

Fire officials will hold a public hearing on the plans on April 8. and will review any proposed changes to the plan.

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