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KC Arora

Queens native KC Arora is an up-and-coming comedian and contestant in the new series, “New York’s Funniest” that premiered March 17 on Seeso. KC Arora is from Flushing, but KC says one look at him has complete strangers asking, “But where are you REALLY from?” KC shares his hilarious insights on being first generation Indian-American while navigating the ins and outs of relationships with women and the internet. KC has been in the competition shows, NBC’s “Standup for Diversity” and “New York’s Funniest.” He has also performed at several exclusive comedy festivals, including Bridgetown, Sketchfest, Laughing Skull, and more. He is a regular on the New York comedy scene and is making his way across the nation. KC will be headlining at the quintessential New York comedy club, Caroline’s, on Tuesday, April 19 at 7:30 pm.

QG: How did you get your start working in comedy, and what venues have you performed in around your home borough of Queens or elsewhere?

KC: The only time I was ever happy was when I was on stage. But I knew making it would be difficult, so I did the logical thing: I got a job in a corporate office. One day, I remember doing an open mic and thinking, they are following their dreams. Why can’t I? After all, my parents came here to chase the American dream, they heard that in America, the streets are paved…that’s it.

So my parents moved to Queens. As for performing in Queens, I get up at the Standing Room and the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City. Rebecca from the Creek and the Cave has been very supportive of me over the past few years and Patrick from the Stand has been generous in letting me perform regularly at the Standing Room.

QG: Your insights on being first-generation Indian-American and making it into comedy: do all ethnic groups relate as well to your routine as do the Indian-Americans in your audience? Give our readers a sample of your routine about your ethnic experience.

KC: “Trust me when I say this: that my Indian accent is nowhere near as good as your Racist Uncle’s Indian accent.” I think all groups can relate to my material. You don’t have to be Indian the same way you don’t have to hook up Indians with other Indians. This isn’t a zoo.

QG: Did you grow up in an Indian- American neighborhood?

KC: I grew up in downtown Flushing, Queens. It was very diverse, like 98% East Asian and 2% other. I was the other.

QG: What are New York City’s, and specifically, Queens’ top comedy clubs for a comedian to be booked? Have you been booked into these yet, or are you still auditioning?

KC: The Stand is one of NYC’s top comedy clubs. I performed there a couple months ago and they have asked me back. I have been fortunate to perform there and look forward to performing there more in the coming months.

QG: Where are you headed with your stand-up across the nation?

KC: I’m mostly in the tri-state area but have been in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, etc. I’m willing to go anywhere to perform.

QG: Do you still live here in Queens?

KC: I live in Brooklyn because my mom said, “if you’re going to live in

Queens, you’re going to live with me.” I’m not living at home. Also,

Brooklyn makes it easier to have a car.

QG: What are your favorite Queens attractions where you like to hang out with friends and which are your favorite restaurants?

KC: Did you know there is a built to scale replica of NYC in the Queens Museum? I’ve been there several times on dates. I highly suggest it. Also, pay the suggested donation – don’t be cheap. As for food, Chinese food in Flushing is still my favorite but as a local Queens kid, Cristina’s in Whitestone is one of my fave places to eat. The sandwiches there are absurd. You know sandwiches called the “Heart Attack” aren’t going to have useless things like arugula.

This column was originated in July 2013 by Nicollette Barsamian.

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