2016-03-30 / Editorials

Do Not Cut Anti-Terror Funds

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the people of Brussels, the scene of horrifying terrorism at an airport and train station packed with people. These attacks are an atrocity and must be prevented at all costs, whether in Europe or right here in our homeland. In light of this most recent attack, naturally, our thoughts turn to what could happen here, as it has before. We, and many others, were stunned when President Obama last month proposed cutting $90 million in federal funding – half – of the anti-terror funding for New York City. This foolish move of course was met with shock and outrage from NYPD Commissioner Bratton, FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro, Senator Schumer, Mayor de Blasio and nearly every other leader in the city, using words like “crippling” and “unconscionable” to describe it – to which we add our voice. We cannot think of a more wrongheaded approach to the current situation. There have been at least 20 terror plots against us which have been thankfully foiled, due to fully-funded counter-terrorism efforts. It is working, and does not need to be “fixed!” Without question, now is not the time to scale back vigilance. Senator Schumer rightly said the cuts could not happen at a worse time; the federal funds, which are a cornerstone of prevention and preparedness, should be increased if anything.

According to Bratton, the cutback would kill funding for the NYPD’s “entire intelligence analyst program.” The funds are also necessary for an array of approaches, including bomb-sniffing dogs, cameras, radiological and chemical sensors, active shooter training and the FDNY’s response training, he added.

New York receives the most funding, and in light of actual history, we know that that is well justified. After the recent attacks in Paris and California, not to mention the downing of the Russian plane full of unsuspecting civilian passengers, Yemen, Turkey and numerous others. New York City is one of the world’s largest cities, and as such, is America’s ground zero. To cut the funds would be disastrous, we do not need to try it and see.

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